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There is something on web for everyone and this application belongs to the weddings planners. In fact, not only the wedding planners, but if you have a small party at home with some guests to be invited, you might be confused while adjusting the seating arrangements. Sometimes, the meal is not yet prepared or in some other cases, the seats prove to run short of the requirement due to your short memory leaving some names out. If this is the case with you, Top Table Planner is just the right choice for you.

Top Table Planner is a web application being developed by a private group. The application aims to provide a technical approach to dealing with these kinds of conditions where everything needs to be planned. It serves to provide relief from those never ending changes at the last point when the function is just to start and provides you with a planned overview of the whole arrangement.

The app is quite easy to use. All you have to do is sign up on their website with one of the accounts according to your need and you are ready to use it. There is no software download. Everything goes on the website. You can add names of the guests manually or import an excel or word sheet from the one already prepared. Then, there are different tables depending upon the size and shape. For example, you have a round table or a rectangular one. Also, you can adjust the no. of seats. You can select as many tables as you want. Also, you can add a dance floor, café area and much more just as you want it. Then, you can edit your guest information like the gender or his meal. There is a color wise distribution provided on the gender basis. So, you can easily distinguish between a male and a female just by checking the color and make the arrangements accordingly.

The application supports both excel as well as the word format. All you have to do is that before importing the file, save the file as a csv extension file for the excel one and as text file for the word file and then the file can be imported. Also, there are a lot of options available in printing the file. You can have a print out of the guest list, the table planning, etc, whatever you want. You can change the font of the print out and can have a preview as well. You can have both a coloured print out and a plain one. You can also get the meal list printed and deliver it to the pantry department to deal with.

The application looks quite easy to use and has a great utility. It reduces the work to a minimum. But there are some features which look to be disappointing to me. First, there is no software available and you’ll have to login to their site every time which limits the use of the application to the areas where internet is not accessible. But still, it is the app to be given a thumbs up by most of its users.

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