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Whether it is the chilling winters of Switzerland or the evergreen monsoon of India, everyone wants to travel to such places at least once in a lifetime. These experiences are priceless to enjoy but ironically, bear a strong price tag. And above all, when you pay such a high amount and are still left unsatisfied, then there is a reason for you to anger upon. It’s just the most undesirable thing like your holiday meant for complete rest goes to be a full day work.

Touristlink is a social travel network where you can find travelling offers matching best to your needs and requirements as well as where you find an opportunity to interact with the people from different areas across the globe that have been to those places before. It is always said that locals are the best guides to a travel location and that’s what Touristlink serves for. They connect you to the local travel agents and give you best offers available all over the internet.

You can just ask for anything and they will provide you. Let it be the guide, accommodation or even reviews of the dealer, you name it and they have it. All you need to do is register on their site or you can sign up with your Facebook account. The site is well designed and user friendly. All the locations are very well classified according to countries, events, most popular, etc. So, you can directly have a look at what the world is following. Moreover, you can contact other members of the network. Add them in your friends list and ask about their previous experiences with the company and the dealers.

As it comes to packages, they were quite similar to the other service providers. However, the rates were quite justifying and affordable. Also, as you search for different locations, the different attractions of that particular place are rated from top to bottom which help you to judge which locations are to be visited first and spent most of the time. This is a very good feature. Also, you can like or unlike the various tourist places making it easier for a new comer to select the right location.

But there is a limitation to the trips they are providing. Most of them are single-place oriented like India or France. The most appropriate reason for this might be the limited network of the company till now. We admit that it’s expanding and developing at a fast rate but it is also true that it has limited no. of members by now and is confined to certain areas. This may also contribute to the trust factor as more the famous you are, more are you trustworthy. Also, there were some problems encountered while surfing their site. We don’t know if its server was down or was it something occasional, but most of the time the site didn’t responded well. This needs to be sorted out as the site is the only medium to connect to the company.

We will give this web based company 9 out of 10 stars for their good but small packages.

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