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There are so many tracking applications available in App Store, but this application is simply a must-have if you own a Mac computer. Theft is a common occurrence and it happens every single day. Sometimes you feel like you can’t do anything to prevent it and write off your stolen laptop. However, Track My Mac will give you a huge advantage and you will be able to get the location of your laptop and receive a photo of the thief. Sounds amazing, right?

The basics

First of all, Track My Mac for iPhone is available from the App Store for free. It is designed for iPhone but it can be downloaded and used on an iPad as well. Before you start using this application, you will be asked to register and sign up. It is a quick process and you can also log in using your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, you can connect your Mac laptop. You will be sent an e-mail to the address you typed in when creating your account and after a couple of quick steps, your Mac will be linked with your iPhone.


If your Mac gets stolen or you simply misplace it somewhere, you can get a precise location of your laptop right there on your iPhone. So yes, it is an application that will protect your laptop from thieves, but it will also aid you if you tend to lose your laptop often. It can happen to everyone and having Track My Mac right there on your phone will prove to be super useful.

Secondly, if you have determined that your Mac was stolen, you can take a couple of steps to make sure a thief doesn’t get too far. You can immediately report the theft right there from Track My Mac and lock it up remotely. The thieves will not be able to access your computer any longer and abuse your data. Also, if you left your computer at home, forgot to lock it, and you are worried someone might go through your files, you can use Track My Mac for that as well.

Thirdly, the fact that you can get the photo of a thief is a great addition. Again, Track My Mac will remotely access iSight camera and send you the shot straight to your phone. So you will also be able to identify a thief or show the photo to the authorities. We absolutely love this feature and it is a clever tool that makes this application even more useful.

Pros and cons

There are so many pros when it comes to Track My Mac: it is a free application that can be used on both iPhones and iPads, it is not large and will not use a lot of your storage space, it is very simple to use and provides you with clear instructions on how to connect and track your Mac, gives you the precise location of your Mac laptop, and you will be able to get a photo of a possible thief right there on your iPhone. We can’t seem to find any cons at the moment. It is simply a useful application you should have on your phone.


Thanks to the constant development of modern technology, keeping our possessions safe is not so difficult right now. All you have to do is tap a couple of times and you will get all the data about the location of your laptop. Track My Mac is an exquisite application everyone needs to have on their phones if they are fans of Apple devices. Mac laptops are very attractive and often get stolen. But you can strike back and get your computer back swiftly with the help of Track My Mac.

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