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Ever missed on a deal or any product that you wished to buy? Download The Tracker by I4U News and you will never miss a product or deal ever again. ‘The Tracker’ is an inventory tracking software which lets its users stay notified about the products that are hard to find online or are easily sold out.

I have been using ‘The Tracker’ app on my iPhone for quite a long time now. Thus, expect this review to be inclined towards iOS and less on the Android side. Soon after I downloaded and installed this app, I came to know about its pros and cons and it’s constant lagging. Well, concerning its performance and customer’s satisfaction, the app has not fared too well since it has not received things greater than 2 or 2.5. Read along to know Why this happened.

Interaction with ‘The Tracker’ Interface –

The version I used was v1.3 which is the latest available on iTunes. The app has a simple yet effective idea. It is an inventory tracking software where you can search for products which get sold out easily or which are hard to find on e-commerce websites. As soon as you get the product listed on the side, look for offers if available. Do not forget to hit ‘Notify Me’ tab right beneath the product that will activate a notification system which will notify you about the product listing on any of the support site such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

‘The Tracker’ app offers a variety of categories from Electronics to Games and much more. You can track multiple products at a time and you can even track your wish list simply by pressing the ‘My Trackers’ button. The Community and Feedback button allow the users to upload their views and verdicts on the app as well as communicate with other users as well.


Let’s discuss some of the advantages that I observed while testing the app for several days.

● The app has a huge catalog of products available on various e-commerce sites.

● The app lets the user set a notification on their wish list products. Once the app finds the product listing on any of the supported sites, it notifies the users along with a direct link to buy it right away.

● It has a clutter-free easy to understand user-interface with easy navigation to and fro between panels.

● You can check out latest offers available on the various e-commerce websites along with the details on its price fluctuation.


● The app is available free on both iOS and Google PlayStore, however, when tested, the app was literally slow on both the operating systems.

● On many iPhone devices, the app displays the message Could not connect to the server. Please, try again later’ much often.

● It has been accused of not sending notifications of the products wishlist by the users as per its reviews.

● The app is also slow in terms of search and loading of products.


The maximum rating the app received on both iOS and PlayStore has been not exceeding than 2.5 which makes it quite an unwanted app. During the testing period, there were constant lagging and sometimes, I often had to wait for a while to load the next page on the app. I would recommend you to try other inventory tracking app too instead of relying on this app for your beloved product that you have being waiting for a long period.

Worth Having App – Download the App