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Tradeshift is an online invoicing solution, that is completely free and suitable for companies of all sizes around the world.

I want to note that there are certainly several online invoicing tools all around the globe with different specialized features, most of them with monthly fees attached to unlimited usage, but this web application clearly stands out from the others (not only because it is free)!

First and foremost Tradeshift is a business network, with the social features you will usually find in social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, but complemented here by the business tools you need to run your business transactions efficiently.

The service lets you for instance, see an up-to-date status of your invoices and know when they have been accepted, declined or paid. In case you have a new business address, you can change it once and it is updated for your entire network. Not only can you send electronic invoices directly to your customers within the application, you can also send a PDF attached to an email to customers not registered on Tradeshift, which is pretty handy.

Tradeshift improves the invoicing process by keeping the communication around the invoicing process in one place. You can comment on invoices you sent or received (and therefore avoid annoying “missing detail” calls), make a status update to your network or just write a private message. The user friendly interface lets you easily manage and find old invoices, as Tradeshift can store your invoices forever.

So I would definitely opt for you to give it a try and change the way you do business with your suppliers and customers.

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