Tricky Towers – Mind Blowing App Review

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Tricky Tower is a modern game application designed for both youngsters and adults to enjoy any time on your iPhone and iPad.

The puzzle game does not only help you spend your time wisely but also allows you to challenge your brain to think outside the box. Thanks to the new features of the new tricky towers that make it possible to play without any unnecessary glitches and to hang.

Here are the best features of Tricky Towers that make this puzzle a must on your iPhone and iPad.

Quick Facts

Product Name: Tricky Towers

Manufacturer: Marcus Dobler Application UG

Quality Features: 3D Puzzle, multiple tricky mission, compatible with iPhone and iPad

Features and specifications

3D App

After you have downloaded the Tricky Towers application, this amazing game brings an unstoppable experience that adopts a 3D quality formation.

The whole set up is perfectly integrated ensuring the user enjoys great classic design and fantastic animations. The setup is rotatable thus making it possible for the player to build strong bricks from every angle to a formidable tower.


The high quality of the app is due to its compatible mode that functions well with iPhone and iPad.

If you have the above devices that run the latest iOS 9.0 or later you are in the best position to enjoy all the features of the puzzle game.

Other Apple devices that are compatible with this app includes the iPhone 5s to 6s plus, iPod touch, the 6th generation, and all iPad

Gaming Mode

The puzzle game gives you the liberty to choose the game mode that suits you the best, The mission made allows you to select a challenge that you will have to complete before the time limit, while that Endless mode allows you to construct the puzzle towers without time limitation.

Online and Offline Modes

The limitation time mode makes the puzzle game interesting, but the online and offline gaming mode makes it even more interesting and enjoyable.

You can always combine towers in offline mode, or you can do all this in an online mode where you can compete with an online friend in the Game Center to the highest score.

Simple to Control

Simple control feature that allows you to control the 3D gaming makes it the best puzzle game application on iTunes apps.

Unlike other games that require you to use multiple fingers and sometimes both hands, the Tricky Towers is a simple one-finger control game.

You can swipe the screen to rotate the tower and click on the color combined brick to create your solid tower block.

Creative Sound

The puzzle app has integrated the high-quality sound system, and sound effect makes the game interesting, the sound can be controlled to appear in the background or loud enough to motivate and entertain the player.

Puzzle Game Achievements

There are more than 27 trophies up for grabs, a clear motivation when playing the puzzle game, and it is up to the player to complete a certain mission that unlocks the next mission while earning trophies while playing a notch higher.

There are more than 80 tricky mission to completes, thus making the game interesting.

Final Verdict

The Tricky Tower app was released June 20th, 2016, so far the app exterior and interior formation show consistency performance, User friendly, fantastic animations, fast charged boosters, engaging modes, clear display, and design.

The product also comes with a challenge where achieving top missions for beginners becomes very hard while the Infrequencies of the app may fade with time.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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