– A Management System For Restaurateurs

by | Aug 4, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments

Tripleseat is a new management system that is aimed at those who work within the restaurant industry. As it currently stands, Tripleseat can be used for the reservation, catering and coordination of banquets, private dinings and related occasions.

An online booking calendar is featured for you to put your paper books away. This calendar comes with complete event management tools, and contacts can be handled in all the usual ways. You can also keep track of conversations, and all the interactions that have taken place between you and your customers in the past. And not only is that information always up to date – you can access it from anywhere, as Tripleseat is a web-based solution. Moreover, Tripleseat can be employed as a platform for attracting new customers – the tools for promoting your business are accessible right from the very beginning. You will be able to capture leads from your website and also from all the social networks that you are a part of, and (if you know how to use it to your advantage) you will be able to turn these contacts right into bookings.


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