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There is no one in the world who does not love eating and it is rightly said that we live to eat and eat to live. However, it is quite difficult to find some of the best Mediterranean recipes. Having the taste of seasonal Greek food can be a fascinating experience all together and that fascinating experience is brought to you by My Greek Dish. My Greek Dish is an app on iTunes which provides you access to some of the most delicious and popular Greek recipes so that you can give your diet a Mediterranean twist.

My Greek Dish is presented by Ioannis Giannakas and it is a free app to download on your iDevice. This is an app that is updated with new recipes to let you taste different flavors. The quick and easy instruction provided in all the recipes will help you create a new dish every day. The app does not only tell you about the recipes but also help you in shopping the items you are looking for. Once you click on the buying option, it will list the ingredients that you require shopping. So shop from the list and try making a new recipe and increase you craving from the best chosen Mediterranean recipes.


• My Greek Dish is a recipe based app where you can get fresh and tasty Greek recipes. All these recipes are judged by Greek mothers who are the best judge of taste.
• There are new recipes added to the app, every now and then.
• You can check the step by step guide for the recipes and that will make the process of making the dish even easier.
• Lucrative pictures are added to the recipes which will actually increase your craving for the same.
• There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes available.
• You can browse recipes from the main menu and select the one that you want to check in details.
• You can prepare an instant shopping list for the recipe you choose. This will help you shopping for the same.
• Not only you get the recipe, you also get to know when to eat it, along with some additional details.
• You can share the recipe you like with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email.
• The app also allows you to save your favorite recipes to your iPhone.
• The app is available for free and you require iOS 7.0 or later for downloading it.
• The version 1.0 of the app takes around 1.3 MB space on your device.

Summary: My Greek Recipe is a collection of recipes which are picked by experts and tried and tested by Greek Mothers. This free to use app provides option to check the process and store the recipe on your iPhone.

Good: The app comes with beautiful pictures and everything is just available for free. No ads are displayed in the app and nothing to purchase.

Bad: The app has been reported positively by the users.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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