Try the Power of Wind to Reach Goal with Windsquire

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Games with a story and impeccable action have always grabbed the attention of gamers who are in search of new action for their Smart Phones. While most of the games come with same control and same sort of moves, Windsquire has something else to offer. The game has a story to tell and a mission to complete and the combination of these make it quite special. This game is available for android users and with prompt and clear instructions in the beginning of the game it is not going to be difficult to master the moves quite fast.

Windsquire is a game that comprises of 20 levels and the difficulty increases with each level. The game starts with a story which tells you about a boy who had everything but lost all. He climbed up to the top to get the treasure that is down in the dragon kingdom. He fell from the top and he was about to die. Suddenly he hit something which gave him a mystic power with which he can fly. He will use the wind power to fly and reach to his goal. There would be obstacle in the way but he has to be steady. The dragon will be chasing him and escaping the dragon has to be done numerous times. He is equipped with an arm which he can use to fight with the dragon.


  • The game is an action based one with intuitive control that is based on law of physics.
  • The game has a total of 20 levels and a tutorial. The difficulty increases with each level.
  • The game requires you to be focused as if you lose the focus the boy may fall down to his death.
  • The obstructions in the game will increase the challenge involved in it. You can break the sticks or bars with just a swipe.
  • The obstructions are partially made of wood and partially of steel. The steel part cannot be broken, so choose the wooden part to fly out.
  • The aim will be made clear in the side bad in the left of the screen.
  • There are more powers to collect throughout the game.
  • You can earn coins as you move up to your goal. These coins can be used to purchase power ups and boosts that will help you proceed faster.
  • There are many players playing the game and you can compare your score with them through the leader board.
  • Axe, sword and many such weapons are there to be purchased in the game. You can buy accessories and destroy shields with the coin you collect.
  • The graphics of the game is good and the music is quite encouraging.

Summary: Windsquire is a game that is based solely on wind power. You have to move the boy up with the wind power and reach the goal. You can use arms and other boosts throughout the game.

Good: The graphics and the game play are amazing.

Bad: None

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