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real time twitter search engine

Twicly is a real time twitter image search engine. Twicly is groomed better for finding the images that go with any story doing the rounds on Twitter. It is also said that during 2011 would be the year in which Twitter become the prevalent search engine on the Web.

You can catch all these features now and they will obviously twiddle their fingers. It is possible that you can view out of the window, since they were right sense that Twitter saw a meteoric surge in the usage and really become new source. If you come across an incline in the number of tweets that have been exchanged also means that the number of images that are shared on Twitter daily has really gone up.

You can very well consider this site nothing less than a search engine for images which gets shared on the Twitterverse. If you are searching for the quality pictures that go with any particular event or celebrity, then you can type the relevant keywords in. If the global user want to have an overview of what have people been sharing more recently, then check the provided live feed.

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