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It is a twitter search engine that looks only into friends’ tweets. It is based on twitter search API and currently researches only recent tweets but will soon look into older ones. Other features will be added up to the service to make it handier such as saving a given search or creating email alerts for certain keywords. BTW, your feedback is very welcomed!

They also are working on a bunch of advanced search options to make the search more accurate. In this way, interacting with people on Twitter becomes something far more efficacious. You no longer have to say that you remember something for shame of hurting the feelings of your friends.

Now you can find exactly what they are talking about, and have a much richer conversation with them. And Twippr actually lets you search the tweets that have been exchanged both with those you follow, and with the ones who follow you. It is a great way to realize exactly what any of your followers is talking about, without having to look endlessly for a tweet.

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