Twirlaloop: Social Slot Gaming App Review

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Twirlaloop are proud to release of Twirlaloop Slots 1.2, a social slot gaming application designed for iPhone and Apple Watch. This miscellaneous game was developed and published by Tony Suriyathep, and then released in 2015.The application features Vegas slot games which beautifully fit full screen with 5 lines of play and 3×3 reels.

With the convenience and use ability of Apple Watch it is possible for its players to play the slot games in more casually than they could on their iPhone. The game comes with three old fashioned classic Vegas slot games, a game Center for achievements and leaderboards, daily coin collects, as well as in app purchases for even more coins.

The 1st game, Red Sevens, is pure Vegas slot odds. In the 2nd game, Diamond Mine, the player has to pick through 3 rounds of 3 diamonds to find the 100 X diamond. The 3rd game, Fruit Frenzy, comes with free spins with wild exponentiating multipliers. The developer should be adding more slot titles in the future with much more interesting game mechanics and graphics.

The speed at which this game pulls you in is frighteningly fast. For this reason, the player does not feel as though they are pointlessly being forced to side track, making efforts to explore every area for its cache of chests and secret items quite worthwhile especially because you feel the impact of finding or purchasing new equipment immediately.

The philosophy for this application is that it fits the watch nicely, so all the slot games were kept at 3×3 so that it could fit full screen and appear elegant. Once you tap any place on the phone’s screen it spins. The developer made the application like standard social slot casino apps with leaderboards and coin in app purchases. Its social aspect isn’t very strong though, the developer should have added greater Facebook features. At least it comes with Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

This is 1st iteration of Twirlaloop based on current limitations of Apple Watch. Finally, once the technology gets better and developers gain greater access to Apple Watch’s features it should open up newer avenues in casual and social gaming right on that wrist. With just a glance and then a tap, you could spin a slot game with a very tiny slice of time that you cannot normally do on the phone. Then when you get time to reach for the phone, you can get a similar though much more refined slot experience.

What’s New?

* Improved appearance of popups and level up alerts.
* Set your daily coins to 7:30am and not 7:00am.
* German application description.
* Japanese application description.
* Simplified Chinese application description.
* Traditional Chinese application description.

* Play on either Apple Watch or iPhone.
* Beautiful full screen reels and animation that show off on the Apple Watch.
* Game Center achievements and leaderboards to compare one’s luck.
* Start with a thousand coins and then collect 300 free coins each day to keep one spinning.
* Coins and scores are shared between Apple Watch and iPhone.
* Made in Vegas with authentic Las Vegas odds.
* requires iOS 8.2 or later
* Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus
* 21.1 MB
Pricing and Availability:
Twirlaloop Slots 1.2 is free and is available worldwide exclusively in the App Store in the Games category.

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