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by | Nov 17, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments is a simple online app that connects to your twitter account and scans all the people who are following you. It is an effective tool at identifying spam or junk accounts on twitter and blocking them all at once in one place. A vast majority of twitter users are getting frustrated with the increasing amount of twitter spam and this app is an excellent tool for dealing with those spammers.

TwitBlock doesn’t know who all the spammers are, but they do understand the general characteristics associated with these junk twitter accounts. TwitBlock gives a score from zero to four for each ‘characteristic’ they are rating your followers for. The points add up and generate the overall likelihood of an account being spam. A percentage is shown representing the overall confidence that the account is junk. The primary things that TwitBlock is looking for are, aggressive following tactics, much an account is ignored, whether the account has been blocked by other TwitBlock users, and whether many other accounts have the same profile picture.

Spam is still a subjective term, originally invented to apply to email and describing a en masse bulk unsolicited communications. But not all twitter spam is en masse, a large amount is just targeted advertising… of course often the target misses, badly! And for that reason it is important to find, block and report these spammers. When you use TwitBlock to report spammer, it is then reported to Twitter via their API. These reports help get spam accounts suspended quickly.

I gave TwitBlock a try for the first time and found 20 genuine spam / bot accounts following me out of the 1800 or so of followers that I have. Being able to block those accounts helps clean up my twitter stream a little as well, since I was likely following them back.

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