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It is a hosted service for Polling via your own Twitter Account. You can always see gathering opinions is a tricky business. There are many proven “old-school” methods like mailers, phone interviews, web site polls, etc. which we are all familiar with. Those kinds have proven to be costlier, disconnected, time consuming and leaves you feel like you are looking in a rear-view mirror by the time the data is organized, compiled and presented back to you

It was created to accelerate the entire polling process. You can launch a poll in seconds, and start gathering results immediately, and interact with the data like never before. They were designed to assist you not just better connect with your audience, but to be a critical component of growing your “social” market share.

It can be used to create new marketing and branding opportunities when your own competitive offerings/distinctiveness has flattened (become stale). Here is a perfect example of how twittapolls can help:

It takes a completely new approach to polling that uses social media as the fast paced foundation for engaging your existing followers – and growing the number of people following you

Quick Review of

  1. It is a hosted service for Polling via your own Twitter Account.
  2. Created to accelerate the entire polling process.
  3. Can the resulting data be effective?

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  1. David Bigelow

    Cool Site! Easy to use! Great Reports! AWESOME!

  2. Samuel

    Great post man! do you think that it will be better than hootsuite? Thanks for sharing.

    • Web App Rater

      Hootusite is really awesome, Sticking with same app make people get bored. Different apps will make them refresh Samuel. Hope Twittapolls will do it.

      Keep visit our reviews.

  3. PR@AlmostLikeEverything!

    I think it will take some time for this app to reach the level of Hootsuite, Anyways it sounds interesting!

  4. Ishan

    Well, I have never tried using twitter polls. I think this is the time to start now.


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