U-Nest – The All-In–One App That Lets You Protect Your Child’s Future

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Every parent has a lot of hopes, dreams and worries when it comes to their child’s future? Have you ever been lost in such thought about taking care of their expenses without any hassles? If yes, then this app by U-Nest LLC is a must-have. Saving for your children’s college tuition and other educational expenses is a must. The app belongs to the Finance category in the App Store.

The key features of the app are its easy to setup features that takes just 5 minutes. With the college savings plan of U-Nest, you need not worry about your kids’ future. You can keep track of your monthly contribution, view account plans and manage transactions in a single touch. U-Nest makes saving much easier for every budget group and makes bank level security more secure with a stronger browser encryption.

Setting up your account with the app is fast and paperless. U-Nest lets you choose an amount depending on your budget, your child’s age and type of school. The calculator of the app is more useful when it comes to calculating the amount for your child’s college expenses.

U-Nest is a simple way to save for your kids’ education. The app ensures your peace of mind as it lets you plan in advance. It also lets your family and friends contribute to your child’s educational savings on any special occasion like their birthdays.

All the investments that you make via U-Nest are being managed by the top investment management firm in the U.S., the Invesco. You can begin saving for your children’s future with a very small amount of $25 per month. The “529 College Savings Plan” is the best way to save money for educational expenses says experts. The plan has varied tax benefits and investment options. The app offers multiple payment options that are safe and secure. The advisory charges made by the app are $3 per account. This minimal fee is collected by the same mode of payment as opted for your investment account. All the growth in your account is tax-free.

The app offers a great experience with easy to use interface. I would personally recommend this app to all parents who have kids. The Android version of the app is yet to be released. The iPhone version of the app is available for iOS 10.3 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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