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What U See (Free) by S.Y What- you- see LTD is a great video streaming and social networking app for users worldwide. It allows you to watch live videos around the world and broadcast what is happening around you. This can be super fun for people who wants to explore the world and make new friends. The What U See app aims to enable real-time exploration around the world with users’ mobile phone cameras.
When you launch What U See the first time, a signup screen pops up. It is easy to sign up for an account. You only need to provide an email address and set a password. However, there is no option to connect and login with other accounts such as Facebook or Google. Another thing is that you must sign up or log in to use the app. All your videos and subscriptions will be saved in your account.

When you get in What U See, the first thing you will see is a couple of tips teaching you how to use the app. It’s nice to have this short tutorial, but you can only turn to the next page. In order to view the previous pages, you have to reach the end of the tutorial first and then start over from the beginning.

On the main page of What U See, there are three buttons – a “Play” button, a “Broadcast” button, and a “Connect” button. You can use the “Play” button to view the latest broadcasts within your searching radius. You can move the map to change your searching area. Clicking on the arrow beside “Latest Broadcasts”, you will have more options to sort the broadcasts. You can sort by the most viewed, the most liked, the longest, or the earliest broadcasts. This flexibility is very convenient and handy for users to find the videos they like.

A big feature of What U See is that everyone can broadcast using their phone cameras by clicking the “Broadcast” button. You need to turn on your location services in order to broadcast. The broadcasting will start shortly after your click, so be prepared. When you are broadcasting, you are on live. Subscribers may join in to view your live broadcasting. You can type or use emojis to express yourself and others can also like or comment. You can use your back or front camera. You can turn off the sound recording and comment feature. The menu with quitting, turning off the sound, and turning off comment can be accessed by clicking the screen once.

Each broadcast has a time limit and you will be disconnected once you reach the time limit. You can save your broadcast, share it via Message, Mail, or other social accounts. Each real-time broadcast will receive a rating out of five stars and a score in points which are based on the feedbacks from your viewers. However, there are not so many active users in What U See app right now. So my personal experience is that it is not easy to get a good rating since no one will be watching your broadcast. In What U See, each user has a ranking according to their scores. And each rank has a unique badge representation.

Using the “Connect” button, you can subscribe for live broadcast notifications from the location of your choice. Also, What U See offers a feature named “Callback”. It allows you to leave a “Callback” request to the users you are interested in but are not alive at the moment. Once they are available, they can reach you with a live stream.

On the main page of What U See, navigating through the side menu on the left you can view your account, set you visibility, check out your videos and subscriptions. You are able to delete any videos you saved under “My Videos”.

Although there is a lack of active users on What U See which makes the app less interesting, it’s a great new way to social network with people around the globe. The idea of viewing video streams in real time worldwide to explore the world is very innovative and brilliant. So I do recommend this app for people who would like to see the rest of the world. I believe What U See will become a really awesome app once there are more active users on the app.

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