Ultimate Shopping List App – The Shopping IQ for Android Users

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Shopping has been an all-time favorite for almost everyone and especially women. You can just walk into a store and get immersed in a whole new world. It is not necessary that you have to buy things when you go on a shopping spree; window shopping is another happy alternative for all those who are prudent about their spending. Window shopping also serves other purposes such as gathering knowledge about the items which are out in the market. Window shopping is a great way to pass time too. When we are on a weekly shopping trip to buy groceries and other essential items, it is essential that we form a list so that we do not lose track of what we buy and also do not forget to buy certain items. Ultimate Shopping List is a handy app for those who are interested in maintaining a shopping list and keeping track of their items to minimize the amount of money wasted on unnecessary stuff. This app has been developed and launched by the Custom Mobile Apps in Australia for the Android Users.

Ultimate Shopping List app helps the users to create customized shopping lists; it also assists the user in to tracking the date of purchase along with the quantity of purchase. The app is a very simple and easy to use with just ‘click’, ‘type’ and ‘create’ operations. Ultimate Shopping List will be immensely useful for the people who are eager to organize their shopping list in an uncluttered manner so that it will be easy for them to keep a track of their buying and spending habits. This app also helps its users to save most precious things in life such as the money and time.


  • The app helps the users to keep track of multiple lists, which will help them to avoid the paper lists all together.
  • Ultimate Shopping List is a great way to keep track of purchase dates which will help in filling the items promptly before they run out of stock.
  • The list keeps track of the number of items that have been bought during shopping; this will help the user to reduce the unnecessary amount that has been wasted. It is apt to say that it helps the users to ‘maximize the savings and minimize the spending’.
  • The app helps the users to save a lot of valuable time which can be used in other effective ways.
  • Ultimate Shopping List has another amazing feature through which the users can set up any number of lists as per their wish. They can create separate lists for regular items, semi – frequent items, one off item and many other things like that.
  • The application automatically saves your list, so you no need to worry about your list getting lost since you didn’t save it.
  • All the lists can be customized according to the need of the consumers / users.


Ultimate Shopping list is a very useful app to keep things in order. This app can be downloaded for just $ 0.99 from the Android Market.

Good – Easy to use.

Bad – There can be additional features such as barcode scanning and many other advanced options.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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