Ultimate Shopping List – Now You can Never Forget What You Need to Buy!

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Trips to the supermarket could be painful if you forgot what you had wanted to buy, or what your family needs. You will need to either call them or go back and ask; both a big waste of time. Writing your list on paper would be cumbersome, plus you may forget to bring it with you. That is why the Ultimate Shopping List app on the iTunes store is here to help you remember those annoying lists.

Created by Custom Mobile Apps, the Ultimate Shopping List allows you to save your time and organize your shopping lists easily and digitally. The interface of the app is commendable, a white slate behind their home page. You can either add a new list into the app, or edit and delete the older ones already existing. Multiple lists are great when you need to run several errands. You will not need to carry around many paper lists but just your iOS device.

One particularly commendable point about Ultimate Shopping List is that their app loads very fast between each screen which is very useful to those who are rushing for time. You can also strike off items which you had bought by touching on them on the list. If you are not a great user of the app, there are instructions for you, where you will just need to click on the “?” sign and the app will teach you on utilizing it to the fullest.

If you are someone who loves to see what your previous purchased items were, you will be able now with the app, which records past records and their purchases dates; meaning you will not need to keep paper records of them anymore. Your lists will also automatically save after you had used them, meaning that if you have an urgent call coming in, it will not disrupt your shopping experiences with the Ultimate Shopping List app.

When you are adding items into the purchasing list, you will be either able to choose from a wide array of different items which are already pre-existing inside of the app’s system or just manually type the item’s name out. This might save you a lot of time for those who are buying rudimentary items like oranges or toilet paper.

However, it might pose as a nuisance when your iOS device dies due to a lack of battery power or some malfunction. You will not be able to access your lists; which in this case, a physical list will be much better than the app. Also, if your phone is need of an upgrade, you will not be able to take the data inside of the phone with you, meaning all previous lists will be lost; bad for those who need to rely on past shopping lists inside of the app.


  • Fast and Easy UI
  • Great Instructions with past lists recorded down in the app
  • Lists are automatically saved and names can be chosen from app’s list


  • You will not able to access the list if it is out of juice
  • Data will be lost after porting to a new phone.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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