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This site empowers the people who can very well share their interests, ideas and opinions with regard to sports, computer games, politics etc…You can debate and discuss any kind of topics. Topics like does the world needs peace and many more interesting titles can include in your list of discussion. There are chances where you can get authentic opinions from the discussions listed in the Unspun.com.

Let’s say you love red wine and are always pleased to discover a good bottle for a reasonable price.

First. You create a list titled: “Great Red Wines for under $20.00”

Second. You add listings (and descriptions if you like) that you feel are worthy of being part of the list.

Third. You share this list with your wine-loving friends and ask them to (1) contribute their wine ideas and/or vote on those already on the list and (2) share the list with their friends who also like wine.

Fourth. Return to the list you created and view what other people have contributed.

Fifth. Over time, people that you don’t know will contribute new wines to the list. The value of this resource will constantly grow so check back and keep on learning.

Sixth. Repeat with a new list idea—perhaps the “most important things to consider when training for a triathlon” or “Best Pizza in your city” or “Things Obama needs to focus on” or “Funniest Paris Hilton Quotes” or “Great things to do with your kids (in your city) on a rainy day” or “Best holes in all of golf”
Visit the site at http://unspun.com and add your reviews as comments
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