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Do you know what is your Net worth?  I’m not asking you about your business or your job.  I’m asking about your actual Net worth which is made by your relationships with people, which you call a Network of people that you adore. Your Network is your Net worth. If you have money and don’t have a network then you will become lonely. But if you have a good network of people, that is known as real worth! So I believe that you need to have good relationships to become the best you can be! That’s why I got an app for you called “UpHabit” to help get you there.

UpHabit helps you build authentic relationships with the people who matter the most for you!  It acts as a personal CRM and it’s all private to you for sure! Your data in the app is totally safe and secure that is never shared with others. You can delete you account anytime if you feel insecure because it’s your data! The app has been developed by UpHabit Inc. It requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

UpHabit is very easy to use. You can build relationships with the contacts you know and want to reach out to. In order to serve you better, the app connects to your accounts and bring your contacts into one place,  creating one nice clean list in UpHabit. Moreover,  the app auto-add new contacts on a daily basis every 2 hours for the paid versions so that nobody ever slips through the cracks again. You can set reminders and we’ll remind you, if you’re busy then snooze reminders.

With UpHabit, you will never lose touch with your contacts. You can make notes about your conversations that you can search later on to remember everything. UpHabit is a revolution in managing your contacts in a better way. It creates only one list with details from everywhere. You can set descriptions for your contacts and tag them to group people together. You can link everyone’s social media profiles. 

Overall, the app allows you to create authentic relationships so that you can become a better human as well as become proactive. You can use the app without any interruptions as there are no ads to annoy you at all. Because you’re our first priority! 

This updated version of UpHabit comes with “Merge All” button where you can merge your contacts very easily. Now there is no need to tap again and again to merge all your duplicate contacts together. Moreover, the app is well organised and squashed a few bugs for a great user-experience. UpHabit is available in 3 tiers- free, pro and unlimited and the prices may vary depending on the country:

So try this app now and start building your net worth! 

Pros: trusted personal CRM; never lose touch; a revolution in managing contacts; all your contact details in one place; safe and secure to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App