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Whenever you have that business and you have your first sale, you want to keep those customers and you want them to recommend you. The whole process to begin with is just hard to do and many businesses tend to fail. How do you keep customer loyalty and promote your business with a new experience for both customers and their friends? UseResponse (Customer Feedback Software ) is one of those services that you will be glad to have purchased. Use Response puts your business out there for people to comment, voice their ideas and even thank you for your service.

While there are a lot of Customer Feedback software alternatives, we have multiple significant advantages:

1. One-time payment for lifetime use. Includes one year of free software updates.
2. Full source code available on purchase. Being PHP/MySQL software, UseResponse will run on most of PHP hosting environments. Customers will have full control over their community design and functionality which they can extend themselves.

The service includes customer feedback, questions and problem reporting suitable for every kind of business. The most important aspect of your feedback system is the main page, which shows a little bit of everything that is going on with your business. Reading feedback forms may not have been in your job description, but you can read them easily on UseResponse.

You can share your ideas, ask a question or say thanks to your customers when they access the webpage. This is definitely a great way to keep your customers hooked and to have them suggest things that may make your business flourish. You can also solve problems through the webpage and have your customers know what you’re doing to fix it, which is something that most companies don’t have. You can also check out your products and services on the page, which helps if you have many key products or separate businesses which you want to look at.

Users can ask you questions through UseResponse and you can instantly answer them with detail. UseResponse also detects similar questions so that there will be no duplicates whenever other people have the same problem and want an answer in a fast and organized way.

It’s also possible to allow anonymous feedback and comments. However, to prevent uncomfortable situations, UseResponse can be set up to require user to register an account before adding their feedback or comments. Community moderation features will help to keep feedbacks and communication healthy and polite.

The voting system allows people to vote for the most important questions that they want answered first. They can also disagree (by allowing negative votes in community settings) on a certain response, so make sure that you say the right things.

With all these features and constant updates, you will need to pay the developers a one-time fee for their extensive work hours, investment to keep the website online and their new ideas. This helps them to develop new pages like these and increase your revenue. The standard pricing includes many options on UseResponse, which include the basic features, full source code, users, localization support, themes, backup, controlled access, files and API integration which is coming soon, all for one hundred and ninety-nine dollars per year. This includes personalized support and upgrade which is free for 1 year after license purchase ($199 for Standard Edition and $399 for Corporate Edition).

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  1. Stas Kuzma


    Forgot to mention about it’s main advantage over competitors – it’s self-hosted.

    Also, the price is not on yearly basis – it’s one time fee for life license. Next year you’ll need to pay subscription fee for all updates if you want to receive it.


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