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It is always good to have user feedback for the service that we provide. That will give us a good idea as to where we stand and how we can improve ourselves for a better show. In that case, if you happen to own a website you should seriously look at getting to know what your visitors think about your website and how would they rate it. And that is exactly where a specially designed tool known as UserReport comes in very handy. This particular tool will help you to know who visits your website, if they like your website and what they would suggest you with respect to improving your website. On the whole the UserReport is a tool that will help you in creating your own survey on your website and get to learn what the web world thinks about your website. This is surely one of the best tools that web masters would want in their kitty. It’s an application that will help you know your own website better.


This is a very simple web app that you can download for free and install it in your system. The best feature about this application is that, it is a very user friendly app, one that you will not have no problems getting used to it. Just install the app and run, that’s it.

UserReport and its features:

Unlike many other applications that were designed for the same purpose, the UserReport is a tool that really serves the purpose. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to use. So, you can get to know who uses your website for free. You can know if the visitors to your website actually like your website or not. And you can also get some very useful feedback or ideas from your visitors that will help you build a better website. On the whole you can do your own survey for your website, absolutely free of cost. On top of that you can also transfer your data to Google analytics, which would help your websites performance.

By using this particular app and doing a survey you will get information on three quality indicators, which are design, usability and navigation. On top of that you can create your own questions such as service, product and pricing. By getting different views from the visitors to your website, you will get a very good idea on the areas where you will have to improve. Also this particular survey will help you know your visitor demographics. That should also help you in comparing your website with other similar website and know where you stand.


Well the bottom-line is very simple, whoever owns a website and wants to improve their websites performance, they should get the UserReport app right away. This is a very well designed tool that will help you to know what your visitors think about your website and also what they would suggest you to do, in order to better your website.

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