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It’s not exactly the most glamourous side of running your own business. Monitoring expenses, sticking to budgets, tracking income.. As SMB owners without the luxury of an accounting department, you’re often doing all this yourself.

Sage Expenses & Invoices is an expense management app that easily allows you to manage your expenses efficiently with its many features.

Here are just a few:

Create Invoices

  • Create your own invoice with detailed descriptions
  • Send your invoices within the app or via email
  • Record, track, and manage unpaid and overdue invoices
  • Create your own products and service records

Record Transactions

  • Enter all your transactions from your phone with the 3D touchpad
  • Set a category, description, and reference.
  • Customise your receipt or bill by adding a contact and photo
  • All your transactions are viewable even when not connected to the internet


  • See your performance for the week, month, or year
  • Track where your money is coming and going
  • Compare business performance (month-month, year-year)

Easily Search for Transactions

  • Search for any transaction easily with the help of simple filters

Sage Expenses & Invoices is available in the app store for free. It can help you track and maintain a record of all your expenses weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Detailed reports allow you to forecast expenses and manage your business finances better. Try it now!

Find more information about the new Sage Expense & invoices for Android at

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