Valkyrie :Leave Your Fear Behind to Run the Ultimate Race

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Some races in life are meant to be won and when you have a sacred mission behind the same, then it is quite essential to immerse yourself into it. there may be several chasing and run based games available for the android users with different levels of obstacles but Valkyrie is something different. The name of the game has its own significance and mythological meaning. Valkyrie is trusted with the responsibility of bringing the deceased soldiers to the heaven where they can rest in peace. The same logic is interpreted in the game of Valkyrie where you are trusted with the responsibility of bringing the souls. The game is developed by Bifrost Studios and it is a paid game.

Being a Valkyrie is a job of responsibility and everyone is not trusted with such a responsibility. The path to the peace heaven is not quite easy and you may find it difficult to reach that. There will be difficult paths, bridges, and ways through places of fire and you will have to combat each of these difficulties through your action and skill. You can slide, jump, run and change directions in order to be safe. At the same time, you will have to collect souls and keep them safe. You may require deactivating walls as you move towards your target. You have to be someone who is good at his or her reflex and strong at heart.


  • Valkyrie is a run based game where the character requires running through the way combating all sorts of difficulty.
  • There are different types of paths in the game; some of them are quite narrow. There are light bridges and walls that you require crossing on your way.
  • You can slide, run and jump in the game and your thumb movement will play a major role in all your movements.
  • There are 10 unique levels in the game and each of them is quite challenging.
  • The graphics in the game is kept quite interesting and you will enjoy it.
  • The game has great sound effect which seems to be quite realistic. You will have a mixed feeling of emotion and adventure in the sound.
  • The skill will enhance as you progress in the game and that makes it quite addictive.
  • You have to be very fast and intuitive in the game to cover all the obstacles.
  • The endless run mode can be tried to enhance your skills.
  • The game is available for android users with android 2.0.1 and above.
  • The version 1.1 of the game takes around 63M space on your device.

Summary: Valkyrie is a game based on mythology where the gamer has to carry the soul of the warrior to their final resting place. It is a run based game with soothing music and minimal graphics.

Good: The game is addictive and has several difficulty levels and the endless mode is interesting too.

Bad: The graphics may seem to be a bit boring at times with all the worlds looking similar.

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