Vampire Run : An Arcade Type Running Game

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Vampire Run is a free app on the lines of an endless runner, developed by Cinder Game for the iOS. It can be downloaded from the games category and consists of an endless 2D running from the left to the right, with the surroundings whipping past. The vampire awakens after sleeping for thousand years and is hungry for blood and needs to look out for blood in the village streets. The game involves avoiding vampire hunters and other objects and transforming yourself into a bat, which is the alter ego of the vampire. By playing it right, you can get blood tokens, rare blood diamonds, etc and increases your score. You can buy some in game apps if you want, but this is not essential for the game.


  • The size of this app is 49.2 MB and it is available in English. It requires an iOS of 4.3 or something later.
  • The action is not merely restricted to running. The player can run on the ground or he can transform himself into a bat and fly up in the air using the control
  • However, if you fly too high, you will be burned on the screen top.
  • It is important to continually replenish your health by sucking the blood of pedestrians.
  • People, such as the police and angry brawlers should be avoided as they can cause diminishing of the vampire’s health.
  • You can also enter buildings while sucking blood and also make explorations of shops and other enemy hideouts.
  • The hungry vampire can earn coins and this helps unlock new powers along with new characters and some more items.
  • The 2D graphics give the app a very cute appearance, offering a child friendly game.
  • The game mode offers different types of missions through which you can unlock extras, get additional utilities and keep running. You can also get new vampires or play as new characters and get to a further distance, while travelling through different streets and paths. You will totally need to accomplish 45 missions.

The Good

The controls presented are superb and the design is solid and engaging. It is also a quick, fun game. The game is addictive and is endowed with an old school charm, having the regular vampires along with their capes.

The Bad

The game has only one mode and a single landscape. However, you can escape from the regular path and go into different shops as well as sewers all along the path. Some people might also consider it to be just another endless runner.


Vampire Run is an app that has been developed by Cinder Games and can be downloaded from the Games category for the iPhone and the iPad. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPad and is available in the Games category. The user becomes a vampire that hunts for blood through the streets in order to save his family. The vampire wakes up after a thousand year sleep and has to bring back human blood for his family. It is an endless runner game, where the vampire needs to risk going out in the early morning to feed the vampire family.

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