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iPhone has brought a difference in the world by making the impossible possible. By making sure that you completely enjoy your iPhone the way you are supposed to, one of the best application for iPhones has been released. In this article, you are going to find out more about VeeR editor and how to use it.

Veer Editor. is an ios based application which is in the category of photo and video. It comes with various languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. It is a highly rated app which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which must have ios 9.0 and above. Veer Editor is one of the best photo and video editors that are on the market. It can support all 360 cameras including the Samsung Gear 360.

Veer Editor can be used to edit videos directly from the phone making them using the 360-degree cameras. You can use the application to filter your pictures and videos, combine different clips to make a movie-like video, add music to your videos, and even make animations for guiding people in your presentations.

VeeR Editor has features that help you insert animated characters like arrows for guiding viewers to concentrate on some particular part of the video where you need them to see. There are also some other types of animations that you can use to make your videos interesting. These animations can be changed and placed anywhere in the video according to the interest of the editor. This gives the editor freedom to customize them anytime even after putting them. This application makes your editing work easy and faster.

When making a video using VeeR Editor, you can trim it and even change its speed. You can play with the video until it comes out the way that you need it to be. The next feature that is important is text added to a video. The text can be modified by changing their size, position or color. After editing the video, there is an option for exporting your video and sharing it with your pals.

This iPhone application has a lot of stickers for making your editions exciting. These stickers are also animated. You can then view your edits using the preview option by switching between the 360 and the two-lensed mode. This preview helps the editor to see the video in real time. Then it can be sent to the social media by just clicking on the sharing option.

This VeeR Editor is the best since it is always easy to use. It is has a very user-friendly interface with a great design. The best option that has contributed to its popularity is its rich music library and its many funny and cool stickers.

However, like any other application, VeeR Editor has some cons though few. Some people say that it takes a lot of time to export the edited video or saving it. This is something that has to be improved and would not take long.

VeeR Editor is the best editing app for iPhones since it is not complicated and has everything that someone needs to make an interesting video using many video clips. It is a verified application that can be found in Apple App Store.

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