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It is the fastest way to collect and analyze user feedback on screens or mockups. It allows you to quickly test concepts with users to get immediate feedback. There is possible to save time and money by testing pages before you start redoing everything.

This site gives opportunity to know that your message is actually going to increase conversions. You can test out the ideas before you implement them. It helps website designers determine which parts of their sites are the most eye-catching and asking the users what they are.

It offers six different tests that companies can administer to their users. All of them are based on screenshots and require little effort. There are two different plans available namely Verify plus and Verify premium. For small business you must go for the Verify Plus plan while owners of marketing and large businesses can opt for Verify Premium.

Quick Review of

  1. Usability testing simplified.
  2. It allows you to quickly test concepts with users to get immediate feedback.
  3. Do we have any free plans?

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