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You can come across several online collaborative platforms but this site has unique features where one seldom enriches all the benefits. It has enhanced live support, online sales, multi-media based product demos and meetings. In day to day several firms worldwide reap the merits of using this site online collaborative platform.

There are several features comprised in this site they are mainly like offering the personalized live support using chat, audio and video conferencing, you can able to use product videos, images and other documents to assist guest select and purchase products, highlight in-store products with this site second-camera input savor, can enhance customer service, offer a high-touch live support experience with co-document completion and electronic signature, can collaborate with high-end clients of document sharing and savor of low expenses by replacing in-person meetings with virtual face-to-face meetings.

It has live support and collaboration of SaaS platform which offer you a host of tools to ameliorate your e-sales and e-service assistance to your website visitors. It provides you to communicate via text, voice, and video. It let you the share documents and annotate them, co-edit documents, fill forms, use an interactive whiteboard, broadcast video from an additional camera.

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