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We all have security issues especially today in our modern world of technology. Everything is now accessible even private data that you think are electronically safe.

For business men and companies, information security and confidentiality is highly protected. And having these information leaked out can be detrimental to the company. But this kind of problem can be solved by VIPole.


VIPole is company that aids in encrypting the different information and data being transferred electronically from one business to another. They make sure that all data will be one hundred percent controlled by the user and by no one else. They even provide group talks for easier communication. They even provide backup and synchronization of data on all devices making document recovery easier and faster.


The concept of VIPole is amazing and easy to understand. They cater individuals, teams, and enterprises that requires communication security.

Another thing in the VIPole concept that is quite unique and makes them stand out is the mobile compatibility. The team account with VIPole will grant full functionality to connect and secure not only to desktops to desktop communication but to mobiles as well.

They even deliver additional services aside from data encryption. They add a calendar, reminder, task manager and a file manager as a way to help in keeping everything organized, up to date and ready at hand. Which is pretty amazing because they make things easier to handle and remember.

User experience

The first thing that users review is their free service offer.

The company receives good reviews about their app. Most of them leaves comments about the benefits of the free sign up with VIPole.

Users are pretty satisfied with the service and the overall ease of the application. Though there are some that encounters minor issues with the app like the video and sound quality, it is something that the VIPole team has already addressed on their latest app update.

They pride themselves highly with strong encryption, advanced security, privacy protection, and unified control. Which they sustain through their impeccable customer service.

User Interface

Finally, the user interface is smooth and easy to understand. It is not too complicated and works just like any typical IM application. They bear significant similarities like adding contacts, making calls, sending messages and photos.

Despite the ease of access, the user interface needs a little revamping. Though it already looks nice with its set theme that comes with it, some individual users wishes to have it customized to their liking.

Worth Having app – Download from App Store


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