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VIPole messenger serves as a normal communication tool except for the fact that it has strong encryptions that protect your message exchange, calls and file storage. Anything like text message, group chat, voice call or video call as well as files can be eavesdropped or intercepted by a third party. If you are a businessman that has communication with important clients, or you exchange important personal or other type of information through the Internet, it is advised to download VIPole. It will perfectly guard your privacy, sensitive private communications and files from unwanted personnel.

The app is designed with many built-in features that ease and secure communication.

Text Messaging

You can send messages, images and files that are strongly encrypted. You can even do it if the message receiver is offline or delay your message sending. Moreover, you can edit or delete sent messages from chat history. Also, you can even set up a timer when a message will be auto-deleted. There is a spell checking option and even a font change to bold, italic and underlined, which is not commonly found with other messengers. You can invite as many contacts as you want to your group chat or conference call, and VIPole will encrypt the group conversations beforehand.


Make free voice or video calls, or you can even send voicemail messages to other VIPole users. Before every call is made, VIPole establishes a secure channel. Your voice and video is transferred in encrypted form and only the people taking part in the conversation know the encryption keys. An interesting option to me was voice change, where the app can make your voice sound too high or too low to the person listening on the other end.

For video calls you can adjust the quality level, change the voice to high and low sounding and independently adjust the voice volume for different users who are on the other end of the line.

File transfer

Before a transfer is completed, a file will be encrypted on the user’s device. Then, the file gets transferred to a encrypted container, it gets synchronized with the VIPole server, then goes into an encrypted container again and ultimately reaches the recipient. Only the owner and the recipient can decrypt the file.

You can manage your sent and received files without having to store them on your device. You just access VIPole’s encrypted storage via an encrypted virtual drive. A special space in the virtual drive will be provided for personal files. Files are sent easily by drag-and-drop and if your downloading process gets interrupted, you can resume it at any point.


  • A built-in daily planer that reminds you of important dates and events, and only the account owner can view them since they are also encrypted.
  • A practical task manager that helps you keep important tasks in mind and doesn’t let you lose notes. You can assign and send tasks to other users from you contact list and keep track of the made progress.
  • A note manager is also built in, and it helps with the process of keeping all your important addresses, client phone numbers and bank account details at hand. You can send notes by drag-and-drop as well and sort them by date.

This handy app is free to download and you can have it on your Android device or computer with your accounts synced on multiple devices. It is specially designed to protect your transfer of information, and a password manager will store all you encrypted password details for you. You can also store personal information like card details, bank account numbers or your account information for various websites and social networks. This app is primarily a messenger, but it is really much more than that, and anyone who likes to keep his/her information exchange private and secure should definitely give this app a try.

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