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visho_webappraterNo matter how much the world changes and how much it advances, shopping will always remain a craze among women across the globe. However, with the advancement in technology, the way women shop is changing. While they used to spend hours together in malls before, they can now show on their phones. To top it all, the convenience level has advanced so much that they do not have too browse through web pages anymore. Visho, an iOS app allows video shopping. This is a unique app that is bound to make every woman feel happier for sure.

One of the major reasons people do not shop online but prefer to walk for hours on end in malls and markets is security. This major concern is taken care of by the app developers. They have added ample security features to ensure that all money transactions are highly secure. Each transaction is made through PayPal, which is known for its level and standards of security and safety.

Shopping with Visho is quite easy. You do not have to hunt for reviews online and take the pain to read through them. The video speaks it all- everything you need to know about the product. To purchase an item, you begin with searching for it on the app. If you would like to sell a product, you have to make a short video about it and post it on the app.

Visho is an intelligent app that understands you. Based on what and who you follow on the app, you are given regular recommendations. All you have to do is follow what you like and the app will do all the homework to churn up a variety of related items for you. All these recommendations are based only on your current choices. If you happen to like a certain product, you can go ahead and purchase it within the app.

While buying a product, you do not have to talk to anyone besides the seller himself. No middle men involved whatsoever. This saves you cost, time and effort. If an item suits your fancy, you can directly message its seller via the app and tell him that you would like to purchase it. Further, you can find out more about the product and bargain to your heart’s fill before the purchase.

The user interface and design of the app is well done indeed. To make shopping more organized, items have been put into a range of categories and tagged. This makes shopping so much easier for you. Visho is currently available in the App Store for free in the Lifestyle category. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, while optimised for the iPhone 5. Any of these devices running iOS 7.0 or higher can run this app. Besides that, you need 26.5 MB memory on your device as well.

To sum all this up, Visho is a unique video shopping app that is here to make the life of a shopaholic simpler and easier. Stay connected with others of your kind to be able to avail of the best products in the market without much ado.

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Bad: None

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