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The era of hidden fees and monthly fees for online payment is over. Vogogo offers free service for people who are tired of having few payment options and forget payments. Vogogo features payment scheduling and recurring payments, which is great for people who are constantly working on many areas and need to make that important payment.

Why settle for the hassle of writing cheques and forgetting payments? Vogogo offers a service called RENT, which provides you with the tools to pay rent online instantly. You can also make lease payments, damage deposits, security deposits, condominium fees and more. Vogogo charges nothing for sign-ups and there are no monthly fees. However, Vogogo usually charges a small fee per transaction, which isn’t so bad when you save time and money using their applications.

From their many electronic payment options, you can choose from electronic bill payment, where you would provide banking or telephone banking information, Credit card, Pre-authorized debit from your bank account or peer to peer from one Vogogo user to another.

If you are a business user, the BIZ option provides tools for business owners to administer invoices, customers and even associated payments. The customer will also be provided with an instant quote along with many payment options to choose from. You can control your payments by enabling or disabling them at any time, lowering your costs, administering payment schedules as well as a history of transactions, so you can keep track of your income and expenses. Why spend time writing emails and calling for payments when you can notify customers about payment dates with emails or SMS messages, courtesy of Vogogo. Users are usually notified of the upcoming payment up to 10 days before, so they can have the money ready by the date that you have set.

Now if you are more of a care service provider, such as day care, child care, Music lessons, day homes, after school care, tutoring, retirement homes, senior homes, assisted living facilities among others, Vogogo provides CARE which you could use to administer your business easily, so you can have more time to care about others.

CARE provides features like payment options, designed to enable or disable payments to other tutors, teachers or assistants. Vogogo electronic payment service also provides cost effective options, designed to make your life easier and spend less on everyday products and materials. Their payment schedule application provides you with the best recurring and scheduled payment options at no cost.

CARE also provides with a history of transactions, so you can keep track of multiple payments at a time or missed payments. Vogogo also provides SMS and Email notifications to students as well as family members of your client, so you can keep a professional behavior with your clients. Vogogo also provides clients with instant payments from their bank as well as credit cards and other payments such as electronic check.

Regarding security of Vogogo, they keep your information safe using SSL and they are also a Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) which assures you that this is a legitimate company. Service is now available in Canada; however, you can fill out their form on their website, as they will expand their services very soon and will notify you first when it is available in your area. You could also check out Vogogo on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to keep up with their updates as well as their features. Signing-up and trying Vogogo is also a smart move, since the process is free and there are no hidden fees.

Visit this site at https://www.vogogo.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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