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Marketing, distributing, personalizing, and printing digital documents is in high demand today. These documents could include brochures, business card, retention and recruiting documents too. If you want to access, personalize, control and market these documents, whether with variable data or without it, then W2P software has the right solutions for you.

This web to print software has the best storefront for your customers to view, personalize, and order documents. Besides a highly capable variable data printing (VDP) engine for personalizing documents and a huge collection of storefront features and tools, the cost of subscription is very low and affordable. With all this comes a strong promise and commitment to give you all the support you can possible need to become a success. W2Psoftware provides a template warehouse and personal training so that you will have products up in your storefront very quickly to help your business bloom and prosper.

The storefront is highly configurable, allowing you to create categories for organizing your products. In their example site, available online, you can see a storefront and the product categories. In this example site you can see and version A wide range of documents including business stationery, banners, brochures, business cards, post cards, holiday cards, approval products, and gift shop products, etc. With this software, you are also allowed to customize and personalize your documents with variable data. You can send multiple orders at a time and still have them approved without any hassles.

Using FusionPro’s VDP software, you can also build design templates for your documents. Once created, it is very easy to upload these template designs. Tracking your order is also made very simple with this software. There are statuses for each of your multiple orders that allow you to view the progress from order to the delivery via a production dashboard.

For the convenience of users, payments can be made via invoicing, credit cards and budget funds. It supports multiple languages and the language can be formatted through the language tables. There are reports that give information in detail on every system. There is a full export data spreadsheet of the user data and orders till date.

There are numerous features that the W2P software offers. You can check the statuses of your order, create packaging slips, create invoices, delete line items, update your inventory and also message. The output is available in a variety of formats too. The printing and delivering of orders can also be carried out through the internet. With your personalized document, you can also upload a mailing list so that these two may be merged to form a postal product. Visit the features tab of their website and you will be able to see the long list of W2Psoftware’s capabilities.

With all these unique and amazing features, W2Psoftware offers excellent solutions for web to print marketing. Nowhere else will you find such a good combination of features, all under a single roof!

Good- Personalized digital documents on demand

Bad- The exact specifications of the printer may not be fulfilled.

Visit this site at http://w2psoftware.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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