Wa.ag – New Business networking

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This site service provider has new concept of business networking that gives it a really interesting spin. It encourages the user to attend daily get-togethers where they can meet up with businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors. It also encourages everybody to become involved via the inclusion of social gaming elements.

By this site the people who attend a WAAG event are provided the chance to win prizes and discounts. It has merits for small brands which are trying to enter into the daily deals bandwagon. With WAAG, they are trusted that lots of new people on their premises will be there for a meaningful purpose.

Any event which is developed through this site can be instantly promoted via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. More over it has an event finder which could let anybody view what has been major story in his home city during the previous couple of days.

Visit this site at http://www.wa.ag and post your reviews as comments

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