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You have seen several social networks for senior citizens, for women, for pets, for toddlers and so on but Wakoopa is different – it’s a social network for software. The service tracks software and web apps that you frequently use and then recommends other software programs that are popular in your social circle.

It creates digital DNA of today’s consumer. In a privacy conscious way, our technology tracks what websites are visited, what ads are seen, or what apps are used. You can analyze the data and optimize your digital strategy accordingly.

You and chosen members of your company can see what sites are being visited inside your panel in real-time. All usage data is safely stored in dashboard. The site has created great visualizations and a superior user interface. It will give you answers instead of questions.

Everything you know about your panelist can be added as filters in the dashboard like age, wealth, offline buying behavior, psychological models, everything. You can also segment users based on their website usage, using our “smart fields”, to add to your existing offline database.

Visit this site at http://www.wakoopa.com and post your reviews as comments

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