Walk Band: Your Pocket Orchestra

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Walk Band, an Android app, brings together the Drum, Guitar and the Piano into a single app. It is a blessing for all music lovers- both beginner and advanced level ones. With this combination of instruments, you can play entire songs on your mobile device, making it something of a ‘portable band’. The combination of instrument simulators provided by it is simply splendid and well thought over.

Besides providing the basic instrument features, it also provides extended features for all of these instruments. There are at least 5 types of Piano, including Synth, Organ, Music Box, Acoustic, Rhodes and Bright. Similar variants are available for the Guitar and Drums too. So, it provides you with about twenty instruments in all and over a hundred combinations of these. Also, there are additional features that you can download from the Google Play Store in the form of plugins.

Each of the instruments produces realistic natural instrument sounds. Not only are the instruments fabulous individually, you can also record multiple tracks at once. Add layers of musical devices to your songs to achieve a complete orchestra effect in the end. Hence, you have an entire band in your very own hands. Vocals are unfortunately not available at present.

For those who do not know any of the above instruments, Walk Band also supports a Learn to Play Mode. There are Music Sheets as well as Falling Notes for learners. AppGoVideo.com recommends learners to take lessons from here. Hence, the app is useful for beginners to get started on their tryst with music. The app also supports External MIDI Keyboard over a USB. For learners, the keys on the keyboard have been marked with special learning identifiers to make the learning process simpler.

If you are one of those who have always wanted to learn to play music but have never been able to make ample time, then this app will come as a blessing. You can learn to play what you want at the pace that suits you now. It gives you a plethora of virtual instruments to explore and experiment with. The choices are ample in terms of instruments and the many features offered under each instrument. Walk Band surely scores highly on the variety of options it provides to its users.

The functionality of the app is as smooth as it can get. No crashes, issues or problems with graphics have been reported majorly. On the flip side, each instrument boasts of excellent top notch graphics and functionality. Although the multi-track recording isn’t the best in the market, it still does a pretty decent job and should suffice for most purposes.

This Android app implements a number of social features too. Recordings can be shared with others on the app, where users can view them and leave behind comments. This is one of the best ways of learning indeed. Also, you can share your recordings with friends via other social networking sites. Record music for your friends and give them a pleasant surprise using this app.

Good: multiple recording, excellent for learners

Bad: Vocals cannot be recorded

Worth Having Application – Download the App


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