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When I saw Walkie Talkie: VoicePing on the Play Store, I was interested by the quality features, and knew that it was something unique that I had to try out. If you’re a passionate fan of unique apps of several beneficial features , well, Walkie Talkie: VoicePing will be right up your accolade.

One can easily communicate with your staff no matter where they are. Also it is effectively possible to use 4G, 3G or WiFi on your Android or iOS device and you are ready to go. You can talk privately or in a group.

The users can also send text for specific items like addresses and numbers. With best Text-to-speech, you can also hear what is being communicated to you. Desktop users can also effectively send text via our Web Texting to their co-workers in the field.

It is also possible to track staff on the go and view their live location or movement history on your computer to assist you coordinate daily operations and improve customer service. One can also primarily avoid costly disputes and get real on the ground evidence via photos. The photos could be instantly sent, archived or uploaded to a computer at a later time. Interestingly the help office staff instantly see what is happening on the ground.

The users can also get everyone communicating on the same platform. With special desktop PTT it expediently links your office workers to your field workers. You can permit your office workers to also type, copy and paste information to Field workers. Also speak to your colleagues instantly and discreetly without using the device screen. They also comprise quality headsets work in Toggle mode on all phones.

Why VoicePing App made for seamless communication between your office and field workers

It effectively always reach Colleagues

  • With 99% outdoor service coverage provided by data networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), users would always be able to reach workers.
  • The receiver hears you as you speak. As you finish speaking, the receiver is able to reply. The immense ability to conduct instant communication is necessary especially for scenarios like moving goods, guiding vehicles etc where seconds matter.
  • If there is need to urgently get hold of someone? You can use paging feature. When you page a user, their phone keeps beeping and vibrating until they reply to you.
  • You could also see if your colleague is online, whether he has received and heard your message.

It specially gets Work done Quickly

  • Users can create groups for employee roles like security, safety, housekeeping or customer service so that they can send a broadcast message to quickly notify everyone and get help or assign work.
  • Also one can send 1-1 messages to anyone in your company directory instead of using groups. Talk cross-department and only to the person you are looking for. Save the others from having to filter out irrelevant messages.
  • One could also handle many conversations in the Favorites view. The passionate users can just swipe down to send a message or swipe up to replay the last message. Incoming messages are smartly queued so you don’t miss messages.

It efficiently goes Beyond Walkie Talkie

  • One can send Text and have them read out when it is received. By using Text-To-Speech technology, you can keep abreast of information sent to you without needing to even unlock or read the screen. Text is good for long form communication or specific items like addresses and group schedules.
  • Smartphone cameras are effective enabler of field work. A picture tells a thousand words. With pictures, office co-workers could instantly see what is going on in the field and collaborate with field co-workers to diagnose and resolve problems faster.
  • While people sending their first message and not sure if they are able to respond to you, it could be annoying. With “Instant Voicemail”, just say what you want. If they can respond, they will. But if they are busy, they could replay and respond to your message later. One can spend less time trying to setup the call and just say what you want.

Enterprise Communication

Your firm administrator has already registered everyone on your network. Primarily there is no need to add phone numbers or add them to your address book. Just pick any group/colleague that you want from the firm directory and you could easily ping them instantly.​

In conclusion everything is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features which just show or enumerate how much care was put into the app during development. It’s really beneficial for users who could appreciate and implement several features from this app.





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