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It is real that the trailblazing inventions and adroit developments which eventually end up with several beneficial products and web applications. But often you can come across some fame web application wherein the universal users feel some hard to browse and search for successful utilization of the apps. So it is said that after trying this web application which has several merit savors created will do good for the users.

This web application regarded as the user friendly portal solution for your growing business. It has specially marvel CRM portal with web 2.0 concepts. It effectively track customer interactions , actively capture leads from the website, help to track and win sales opportunity, successfully track the billable activities, invoice clients, share documents and offer efficacious customer support.

The dashboard of this web application has all relevant modules which can be included in your homepage. They are mainly personalized dashboards, Summary Information, Task & reminders and General Activities. You can also share contact information with other employees in your firm. The main features of this contact module are shared customer information, Flexible data domains, grouping and Import/Export of contacts. The main component of this web application is sales module which successfully captures leads from your website or an email, effectively track progress on opportunities and develop quotes. You can also assign people to follow up on leads and promote maximum revenue.

You can also collaborate with other employee and track progress on your projects and experience the beneficial aspect of the project. This web application also decreases your expenses and increases the customer satisfaction with perfect help desk savor.

It is also possible to send invoices, manager recurring invoicing, track business and employee expenses, creating invoices from a closed opportunity, project or help desk activities. The web application is also able to track customer events, sharing the events with multiple participants and controlling multiple calendars. It could able to share documents, presentation, marketing materials, and logos with other employees online. With these beneficial features it is marking good and effective web application for better utilization of the universal users.

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