WhatsApp Spy Software: Your Key to Unlock Your Kids’ Hidden Secrets!

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The saying goes like, ‘if everything looks fine, you’ve got to be overlooking something’. It may sound a bit pessimistic but it does hold weight. So if SMS, calls, web history, location tracking and e-mail logs of your kids seem fine, you might as well give it one last try- WhatsApp spy software lets you monitor your kids to every possible limit!

Why WhatsApp spying is Important?

It is; parents do need to adapt to the changing trends and WhatsApp is a free messaging app that has taken the app store by a storm! Teens usually prefer using WhatsApp to send and receive messages because it is absolutely free no matter if the sender/receiver is using Android, iPhone or BlackBerry phone. As long as you don’t use WhatsApp spy software, there are chances that your kids might be doing something fishy under your nose.

Which Spy App Does It best?

As a quality conscious person you will naturally be very sensitive about selecting any cell phone spy app but make sure that it has WhatsApp spying feature, too. Take time to notice this as many spying apps do not have this feature but wrongfully claim to have it to attract clientele. The app, however that I’d suggest is StealthGenie. It’s a pretty decent app that has loads of other features like phone surrounding recording, trigger alerts and iMessage monitoring, etc. So you can have an all-rounder software that can also spy WhatsApp messages and media files. All you need to do is buy StealthGenie online and install it on your kids’ phone secretly. The rest is all for the Genie to handle.

StealthGenie WhatsApp Spy Software:

StealthGenie has rolled out new features and WhatsApp monitoring is one of them. This means that beside other new features like Gmail app and iMessage monitoring, you can also monitor WhatsApp messages and media content. This includes:
  • Group chats
  • Text messages
  • Time and date stamps
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Audio clips
  • Name and number of sender/receiver
So don’t waste any more time limiting monitoring to the old features. There are chances that your kids might be dodging you by contacting inappropriate people or exchanging vulgar media content with friends via WhatsApp. So take no risks and ensure a healthy environment for your children by using StealthGenie WhatsApp spy software that had every spying feature you need.


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