Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend -iPhone App Review

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Wiki1001 is an iPhone app designed by two physicians who are involved in the Caredir project. This app enables the user to query and access answers on sexuality and sexual health. It provides feedback within 15 seconds only. It is designed with a security feature to enhance security and user anonymity. This app is meant for people over 17 years of age. It does not require any typing or speaking. It contains over a thousand questions and answers on sexuality. It provides information on safe sex, pregnancy management and termination. It provides information on nutrition, fitness, skin and hair among other health factors related with sexuality and pregnancy. It provides customized information depending on sex orientation. The user is able to obtain clarification on myths and taboos related to dating, flirting, ejaculation, orgasms and other intercourse facts. This app helps in educating the sexually active population especially teenagers.


Wiki1001 works on iOS platform of 8.0 or later and requires 11.4 MB to download. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It supports English and Turkish languages. It requires no internet connection for search. It has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. This app provides answers to questions regarding one’s sexual health. It provides sexuality management and monitoring information regarding puberty, periods, organisms and weight control. Many mind related issues that affect sex are also addressed. These include; depression, eating disorders and romance. Questions on external factors like drugs and alcohol are answered. This app provides information that elaborates the way substance use or abuse affects sexuality. It also addresses solutions to sexual abuse like sexual assaults and violence. It provides answers to users seeking information on sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. The user can obtain solutions and tips to counter attack these sexual diseases. More information on medications and doctor visits is also provided. All information is obtained from trusted sources like Natural Medicines, NHS, CDC, American Medical Association and qualified physicians. Wiki1001 provides health news to all ages and gender. The user can challenge themselves with a timer or friends. It is designed with a symptom checker upon submission of complaints. It provides the user with the option of sharing answers with friends. It also provides hotline services for emergency cases.


-High level of privacy

-Optional information sharing with friends

-No ads

-Improved speed

-Uses less battery power

-Easy to navigate


-Cannot be used by minors

-Supports less languages

Wiki1001 has come to rescue teenagers from misleading information on sexuality. It provides accurate and easily accessible information. This app helps to identity STD symptoms that are very mild. It provides sex and relationship education to the young population. This helps them to protect themselves against sexual ordeals. It relives parents with the burden of having uncomfortable sex discussions with their young ones. This app sheds more light on pregnancy and substance abuse as related to sex. The inherent security features guarantee confidentiality. This enables the user to access sensitive information freely. The information is also accessible anywhere within a few seconds. It provides a gaming experience with friends. It is available for purchase at iTunes.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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