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This is an era of activity and the youth today would never want to waste their time without getting involved in any kind of action. What’s going on in the city tonight is the most crucial question on a lazy day, and that has been answered by You always look for events in the city for the specific day but don’t really know where to find the list, so that you can make your pick. This problem is completely solved by the website where you just require entering the name of your city, and see the software making a list of events.

The software of the website is a unique one which searches anything and everything on the web to find the events in the city. The service is available for all major cities of USA. The result is fast and accurate and you can click to see the details of the specific event that you choose. For instance, if you are planning your night out in New York, you just to enter New York in the space provided for searching and the list of events will be displayed on the screen. If you are finding it difficult to locate the even that meets your requirement then you can short them according to category.


  • The website is the complete guide of event in a particular city.
  • Currently the services are available for the events that are organized in different parts of USA.
  • The display waiting time is very low because the software of the company is fast enough to find the events.
  • There are categories of event which will help you to sort easily. For example on a particular day there are more than 1000 events being organized in different parts of the city. You can choose the category from social, art and museum, music, kid and family, nightlife, sports, technology, religion, theater, and food and drink.
  • The website will also provide you the location of the event with a map so that it becomes easier for you to locate.
  • You will get the venue and the time for the event directly from the website. Just click on the event and everything will be displayed.
  • There are some events where you can book tickets online and for that there would be link in the page where the event is displayed.
  • There are several tags on different events which will make you find them even more easily.
  • The information found on the website is authentic.
  • If someone wants to start an event, you can insert it on the website.
  • It is a growing website and it is implementing new changes every week.
  • The events are editable, so you can always leave your feedback.

Summary: WikiDo is a great web2.0 app covering all major events in the United States of America. The website stores numerous events and provides the most authentic information. The information is complete and there are ticket booking option.

Good: It is a really amazing website provides loads of information regarding events organized, and the service is completely free.

Bad: The website covers only cities in USA.

Visit this site at and post your reviews as comments.


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