Will Wealth Words Make Me Rich? – Review

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A simple crossword puzzle webapp, Wealth Words takes the traditional idea of the crossword, and adds an exciting new element: prizes and gambling. It allows its players to gamble the tokens they purchase each game they play, for the chance to win big cash prizes. In recent times, the popularity of internet based gambling games has drastically increased, and Wealth Words has met the demands of the public as an app available on your computer, tablet, smart phone, and more! What’s more is Wealth Words has moved beyond the limits of traditional casino games to provide an exciting twist on the crossword puzzle.

Unlike a conventional crossword, Wealth Words only requires its players to fill in ONE letter of each word, meaning that the clues provided can be much more vague and specific than on a regular crossword puzzle, and it is easier to mess up and chose a word that is incorrect. Wealth Words allows you to explore the reaches of your cognitive prowess, and use your inferences to help you finish the puzzle, and win big. For every game you play, there is a cash prize for whoever gets all or nearly all of the answers correct. The winners are divided into Division 1 (all answers correct) and Division 2 (next most answers right). If there are no Division 1 Winners, there will always be Division 2 winners. And when you do win, and fall into either of these categories, Wealth Words deposits your winnings directly into your PayPal account.

One draw back of the game is the timer that comes along with each puzzle: a player only has one hour to complete it, and must be completed within that time, with no option to stop the game and return later, making it difficult to play on the go, and inconvenient if you are a slower worker. As this author was playing, as well, there were several obvious grammar issues and a few rather vague, unanswerable prompts, which are ill-advised in a word-based game.

The most important feature of Wealth Words, however, is the cash prize offered to one player each game: when you win a game, you receive an instant cash prize. Each game is played using one token, which the player purchases, and “spends” in order to play the game, similar to the way tokens are used in a regular casino. Like many online games, depending on how many tokens a user buys (i.e. 1 for $2 versus 100 for $160) the tokens become far cheaper, meaning if one developed a serious interest in the game, and perhaps was quite good at it, they would be able purchase more tokens for less, and win more!

Overall, Wealth Words has much potential for the online gambling community. It is easy to use, and a fun and simple way to pass time, with the added bonus of cash prizes! With its few faults, Wealth Words offers the standard American an easy opportunity to play games from home with cash incentives. I invite you all to go and check it out!

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