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The truth about the music industry is that most artists that don’t talk to the right people usually don’t get discovered. Nowadays, viral videos and many websites seek to promote new and upcoming artists as well as the ones that are already famous. Top My Music is a web application that requires no downloads or special equipment, just a decent version of Flash Player to experience a new way to promote your favorite artists, your friend who wants to make it in the music industry, or even yourself.

With Top My Music, you can vote for the song of the day, which will be displayed with the lyrics as well as the music video. You can log in with your Facebook account in order to save songs as your favorites, comment under each video and even download your favorite tracks on with their quick link. You can also “like” the songs and post them on your Facebook page through Top My Music. If you’re tired of the same artists making it to the top, propose a new song through Top My Music.

When you click on “Propose” you get the option to search for your song video on Youtube, Vimeo or Daily Motion. You can also post the direct link to the video and all submissions will be up for voting the next day. With Propose, you can also upload the lyrics so that everyone can read and comment on your song. You also have the option to automatically notify your friends that your song is up for voting, and you can choose which friends you want to send it to. Share your songs through Facebook and gain more followers so that your song or your friend’s song can be the top of the day. Other pages may not give you the chance to be noticed by everybody else. This is a free to use website, so you can promote yourself free as long as you post music links.

Your suggestions appear on the “Vote” tab, making it easy for you to check what videos are competing for votes. You have the option to comment, view, add to favorites and download the videos and songs. The videos can have great quality as long as they’re uploaded with the right resolution. The great thing about Top My Music is that you have absolutely no ads for now, you can easily access videos without having to reload the page and there are very few people using it. This gives you more chances to get noticed and to get more people on board. This also makes your view list bigger on Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, so you will still be getting notoriety. If you have some suggestions, Advertising or other comments to make for the page to look better, you can also send in your message.

For being free, this website gives you the ability to search and find songs faster, without ads, spam or security hazards. The best way to enjoy the music you want to hear is through Top My Music, and you may be the first new and upcoming artist to post their video in a fair environment. The app takes a little bit to load on the webpage for first timers, but the process of selecting, voting and sharing songs will never stop your song or slow you down. How many times have you posted your song on major websites and gotten nothing? There is nothing you can lose if you want to get discovered and this may be your best choice to get noticed.

Win an Ipad 2 with TopMyMusic, if click on the “I’m a fan” button and on the Like button you can be the happy winner of an Ipad 2 which will be chosen randomly at the end of next month!

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