Win the Battle of Power in CyborgChiks VS Space Sandwiches

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Action game with a twist in the tail is loved by all sorts of game lover and that is what is brought to you by CyborgChiks VS Space Sandwiches app for the android users. The app, presented by Monkey Horde studio is a new app that is going to take you off your seat with its hot and spicy graphics and cool game play. The app is a combination of hot chicks and funky aims which makes it a must try game. It is one of those action games that have stories behind them and the story is quite interesting.

The story of the action game goes like this. There was a planet far away and the name of the planet was Klumm 7. It was all girls planet and all of them were quite hot and beautiful. They were happy in their own life. Suddenly, something happened that changed their lives. A great menace started threatening the planet Klumm 7 and they designed a strong fighter in their science lab. You are going to help them win the battle against all odds and in your mission you are going to get supports of arms and power ups. They created perfect cyborg and she is going to fight against the evil which comes in the form of sandwiches. The game is all about destroying the sandwiches and passing the blows with the skill on mobile. It is a motion sensor based game which is quite enjoyable to play.


  • The game of CyborgChiks VS Space Sandwiches is a motion sensor game which is compatible with an android device that has motion sensor.
  • The game has a story behind it which runs before you can start the game.
  • The graphics of the game is cool and the central character who does all the action is a hot young lady.
  • The main motto of the game is to shoot the enemy with the power of eyes and avoid the blow that comes from the opposite side.
  • In the game, the enemies are in form of sandwiches, some quite big and some quite small. You can collect money and points as you destroy the sandwiches.
  • You can collect the money that you own by destroying your enemies and purchase power ups with the same.
  • There are several achievements in the game to check out for.
  • The main menu provides a tutorial option where you can learn the controls of the game.
  • The game music is quite good and it is possible to reduce or mute the sound.
  • You can purchase suits, extra bacon and more from the store with real money.
  • There will be opponents like pizza which will come fast and destroy you. So stay away from the same.

Summary: CyborgChiks VS Space Sandwiches is a game of power, that too, of the beautiful ladies who fight the game. The game is an adventurous one with different power ups.

Good: The game play is quite easy to understand and easy to master.

Bad: The graphics of the game could have been better.


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