Win the Kingdoms with Strategy in Kingdoms CCG

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How interesting is it to be a part of a kingdom and fight against the evil for your right? You have seen such stories in the movies and television programs and have always loved the thrill, the battle and the pride of victory. Now, you have the chance to experience the same in an iTunes app named Kingdoms CCG. This is a game presented by YMC games and it is available for free for the time being. The game is of heroes and their quest in the tactical warfare, where the cards are the weapon. The card battle game is designed to enhance your power of brain. When you collect the required number of cards in the game, you win.

The game of Kingdoms CCG takes you to the world of fantasy where you get to choose your hero and collect the fantasy cards to win the game. There are 6 kingdoms to concur and all these kingdoms have their own style of magic, creatures, spells, gears and rune words. You can fight a single battle or participate in the tournament to go up the ladder board. The game requires you to clash and fight against other heroes, so be ready for some action. You can have friends in the battle and creating a guild will actually help you a lot.


  • The app compromises of 6 kingdoms in total. These kingdoms are Mystical, Holy, Ancient, Elemental, Undead and Alchemy.
  • The kingdoms that you are going to concur in the game have different styles in terms of creature, gears, spells and more.
  • There are more than 200 play cards to choose from and each of them will showcase distinct and smart artwork.
  • There are several heroes to choose from in the game and these heroes have unique abilities.
  • There are three forms of games to participate in, real time battle, and tournament and versus battle.
  • You can create a guild of your own and take that guild to the war for more power.
  • The game is available in several languages including English.
  • The game play is quite easy to understand and adapt but you have to master the same in order to win the game.
  • The graphics and sound of the game is quite good.
  • There are several in-app purchases available in the game making it even more interesting.
  • The strategy based game is going to keep you glued to it.
  • The game is specially designed for iPads and it requires iOS 5.0 or later.
  • The game takes around 104 MB space on your device.

Summary: Kingdoms CCG is a card game based on strategy and brain power. The game requires you to collect fantasy cards to win the levels. There are numerous heroes in the game along with beautiful cards.

Good: The strategy based fantasy cards look great and the game play is superb.

Bad: There is nothing bad about this game as it has been a super hit in the first version.

Worth Having Application : Download the App



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