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One of the main issues with having an iOS device is that you have to limit your music to it. Sharing your music with an Android device is almost impossible- owing to a lack of a common interface. This can be a huge head ache at times. Thankfully, there are a few apps available that can help you bridge this gap. TunesGo by Wondershare is one such app that is the best in its niche.

Music download and sharing

The WondershareTunesGo software is one that has been designed to help users share their music with Android devices easily and also manage and organise their files well so that searching and sorting becomes easy. Playing music that is currently stored on your iTunes on your favourite Android is quite a painful and tedious task at present. One of the issues that arise is the various versions of Android that exist on different devices.

To achieve common ground, the simplest way is to install software such as WondershareTunesGo. It works on Windows computers that have iTunes for Windows pre-installed. iTunes can be downloaded from the Apple website. Once TunesGo has completed installation, you will be required to connect it to your mobile device. This makes things easier as TunesGo supports almost all versions of Android ranging from Gingerbread to the latest ones. Once this set up is done, you are ready to begin music download.

Music and video Convertor

TunesGo also comes with a number of added functions. One of these is that it allows you to download and convert YouTube to mp3 files. This works just like all other convertors with the added ease of not having to copy and paste the URL into the software. All you have to do is open a video and TunesGo will automatically copy the URL for you. You can also download music and playlists from over 1000 online sites with just as much ease. You can convert Spotify to mp3 and use it as a music downloader, mp3 downloader, free movie downloader, mp4 downloader and more.

Organize and backup music

Another feature of the software is that it can help you organise your music well. It cleans your music library and adds the necessary labels and tags to each music file in your library. This cleaning function will make your music well labelled and more streamlined. The last feature of the app is its function as a music recorder. You can record music and playlists from any site online and also record video to audio.

There are also flexible backup options wherein you can pick between a folder, an external device or another iOS device to back up to. This is one feature that iTunes lacks.

Overview and final verdict

The user interface of TunesGo is very user friendly, uncluttered and neat. Users are not required to have any technical knowledge to be able to use the software. It helps you solve all kinds of compatibility issues between various platforms and allows you to download and share music among devices seamlessly. If you believe in not limiting your music to iOS alone, this software is just what you need.

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