Word Be-Gone : Educative Game for TimePass

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I am huge fan of word games, ranging from Scrabble to Boggle and everything in-between. Word Be-Gone takes the concept of Boggle and word searches to a whole new level. I only stumbled upon the game but it looks like it may have just been released. I truly believe this game will take off as more people become exposed to it. The design of the app is excellent. The games load quickly and you can, depending how quick you are, progress pretty quickly from the easier levels to harder ones.

Word Be-Gone Classic takes the traditional word search approach, with words being formed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. I’ve always enjoyed word searches, so this mode definitely appeals to me. Some puzzles can finish pretty quickly, while others last a surprisingly long time. You would be surprised how many words you can miss even in the classic word search format. It may take a while to find the right words to complete the board, and it certainly took me multiple attempts on some levels, but each puzzle is designed with a solution in mind so persevere!

The Word Be-Gone Twist format departs from the traditional word search approach and is more akin to Boggle. Players can utilize any adjacent letters to form a word. This means that, rather than needing to be in a straight line to form a word, words can be formed from a clump of letters as long as they form words through horizontal, vertical, or diagonal movements. Having spent countless hours playing the traditional board game Boggle, I really enjoyed this format. In my opinion, it makes it easier to form words than the classic/traditional word search approach, but it also makes it easier to miss words. Additionally, only the correct combination of words will clear the board. This means you may form words with the letters on the board, but they may be the incorrect words to complete the board. This resulted in many attempts at higher levels for me, many frustrating but fun attempts. I look forward to seeing just how far the game goes in attempting to fool the player.
As I mentioned before, the levels start off fairly easy but get progressively harder. The designers have provided a hint option, but I try my hardest to avoid using it. Eventually you can reach levels that have special rules and themes. This was a nice way to break up the pattern of the game and really livened things up. This applies to both the classic/traditional word search mode and the twist mode. I have only seen some of these so far, and I imagine there are still more unexpected twists to come. I am definitely looking forward to them.

I enjoy nearly all word games and have run through numerous apps, both free and paid, as I look for ones that both challenge and interest me. Word Be-Gone is an excellent edition to the word game world and is a must-download for anyone who, like me, is looking for the next great word game to challenge them.


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