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Many of us are addicted to solve the crossword puzzles in the newspapers as a part of our daily routine. What if the same game is spiced up by taking it to a whole new level, which includes mixing the word search, crossword puzzle, strategy development and much more? Word Winder is one of the most interesting, entertaining and challenging word game app which has so much to offer. The game was developed by David L. Hoyt, who is one of the most acclaimed puzzle creators in the United States. The app is marketed by Adveractive Inc. The app is available in HD for the iPad users and is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later versions of the software. Word Winder offers six completely diverse puzzle games within the same app.


When the user chooses the challenge yourself option, they can choose one of the four different puzzle options, each of which has more than 55 inimitable puzzles created by David L. Hoyt himself. The game also has other options such as play with friends, play with family, pass and play and many such options. Players who first form the line of words progressing from one side of the board to the other wins the game. Many experts praise this app as one of the best word game which has ever been invented. Word Winder app is one of the most interesting apps and has six entirely different and original games. They are:

ü Word Winder (WW) Finder – This game is similar to the crossword puzzle played by most of us. When the player selects this option, a grid filled with preselected letters appears on the screen; clues will be provided which will help the players to identify the concealed words. Players are rewarded with extra points for the speed with which they identify the words. Difficulty of the game increases as the number of letters increases in each word. Each puzzle will have three rounds.

ü WW Challenge – The players have to form a link of the hidden words which connects the top and bottom of the grid and then from left to right of the grid. The clock will tick as the player progresses through the game; the players can challenge their own record or they can also beat the score of David L. Hoyt.

ü WW Frenzy –The players have to form their own words composed of three to six letters. The grid doesn’t have a list of preselected words, so the players have to be creative in forming their own words to form a link that connects two ends of the screen.

ü Word Roundup Frenzy – This is a BONUS word roundup puzzle where the players have to form their own words of 3-6 letters in length and it is the only game in which the players will not be allowed to use the winding of words.

ü WW Multi-Player – Two to three players can be involved and it is a pass and play type of game.

ü WW Multi-player speed – The game is timed and each player tries to beat their opponent before their time out.


Word Winder has many other features such as customizing the player profiles, validation of words by Merriam Webster and much more. This is a free app and it can be downloaded from App Store, so download and have fun with words.

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