Wordsplosion : Fun Word Guessing Game on Android

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Wordsplosion is a word guessing game published by Concrete Software that uses 5 letter words in the game. The first letter is given to the gamer for free. If the word you tried is not correct, it will tell you that word is not in the dictionary. The timer in the game is implemented using the bar gauge control. When the bar gauge meter is finishing and you cannot guess the word, the game will display “time’s out”. You will have five tries in each level. This game tests your word vocabulary. There are no hints for this game when you first try this game. It is either you win or lose. I feel this game can be best played among a group of friends in a gathering function. Once you win a level, you obtain a free word hint. The free hints are displayed on top of the timer gauge meter. It is a performance-based hint system that rewards the gamer with hints in return.

The game is packed with gorgeous graphics and nice sound effects. The user interface of the game is simple and easy to use. But occasionally, you get interrupted in the game by the game advertisements. You can easily remove these annoying advertisements by paying for it. Below the five letters, you get to tap on the keyboard to type out the word you think is missing in the game. Then, you just need to tap on the up arrow to push out your answer.

Sometimes, when you guess the 5 letter word which is in the dictionary but it may not be the word the game is asking for. This game is better played with a dictionary besides you. It can be seen as a way to improve your vocabulary. If you do not want to use the dictionary, you can keep trying to guess the word until you are correct. You can connect with the developers of the game by either tapping on the Facebook or Twitter button.

In my opinion, this game has polished graphics and nice sound effects that can satisfy any word guessing game fans out there. The game is available on google play store for free. After each level, you can see your own game scores and see how well you fare in the leaderboards. The leaderboards gives the gamer a venue for the single player gamer to challenge themselves against the high scorers. This game has no multiplayer option where different people can join in a game. The game can still be played on a bus or train when you are bored and have nothing to do.

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