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The WorkBook app provides an integrated approach to efficiently manage your business. The WorkBook is a popular tool for both project management and financial management. Its cutting edge technology enables you to manage your business on the go. In the past there have been many such tools like Microsoft Project Plan (MPP), Clarity, Epic etc. that offer the same services but most were cumbersome and unable to be used on mobile devices. Comparatively, WorkBook is an app that is extremely user friendly and a one stop planning tool.

A Captivating Design:

The user interface looks like that of Photoshop, where you can see all the functionalities in the same screen. The tool bar is L shaped with the top-left corner being its axis. Below the top bar there is a line of tabs. Each tab is allotted for a different functionality. The developers of WorkBook are located in Copenhagen who has a long list of international clients (mostly top European companies). They have helped many small scale businesses adopt WorkBook, integrate it across all the employees and improve their work efficiency. Once this system is in place, the users are guaranteed of a definite productivity in work. Let us discuss some of the functionalities below.

  • The jobs list Tab helps you to organize the main item ‘Jobs’. Each job has is given a unique ID and has department name, expenditure, status, end date etc. It is basically a job tracker tool.
  • Three other tabs namely scheduling, Status and detailed description further explains the intricate details of each job going on like people working on it, when they work and the percentage completed.
  • The Pricing tab is to keep track of the price estimates once the job has been awarded.
  • Purchase Orders and Expenditures form the basic functions of Financial Management Tool where the accounting of expenditure and income is maintained.
  • Invoice tab is of tremendous advantage to your client where you document the work done and bill the client for it. This enables transparency that makes everyone happy. Four types of invoices can be raised namely partial invoice for partial work done, Invoice on account (without closing the job), Credit Note (Invoice on credit) and Final Invoice.
  • Documents tab is a basic explorer in MS and Blog tab is too understood.
  • This application is highly scalable and works with a cloud too. A cloud compatible application enables a worldwide coverage for your business without a lack in communication and efficiency.

Resource Scheduling:

The most sought after feature ‘Resource Scheduling’ is the highlight of this application. Many developers have refrained from including this in their app for the confusion and inefficiency that this can cause, but not WorkBook. This functionality encourages the employees to plan their work ahead and reveal the amount of their free-time. This can be used by the managers to plan their future ventures. It’s as simple as that. This feature also comes with a to-do list enabling integrated business management with a single, know-all software. Isn’t it a magnificent tool?

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